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Around & About Town 

Following our very loose itinerary for the day, we traipsed around the central city area. We figured out how to obtain the Copenhagen Card, which has proved itself to be quite convenient by allowing us admission into a bunch of museums and attractions, as well as unlimited access to public transportation for a 72 hour block of time. 379 more words


First Impressions 

Jet lag causes me to awaken intermittently throughout the night, but when I got up forreals at 9:30am the first day, the first thing I noticed was that it was already sweltering hot. 256 more words


En Route 

Our flight to Copenhagen connected in LA and in London. We left the afternoon of July 3 and arrived in the evening of July 4. The day we left, we realized that our flight was probably cheaper that day because we were missing and traveling on July 4…oops apologies America. 261 more words


Norway Recap of latest images

I wanted to create a recap of the latest images I have taken in Norway Recap of recent images the last couple of months. It has been a busy time but I have managed to steal some time to take some photographs which I hope you all like :-). 40 more words


Post-grad adventures: how it came to be 

I wanted to travel a little after college graduation and before the beginning of medical school and am lucky enough to have parents who are able to make this an option (thanks mom & dad)! 223 more words