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How-To: TurboScan (Beginner)

One of my favorite apps I use on a daily basis is TurboScan (iOS and Android). Who has time for a real scanner when you can use a better one by using your phone’s high resolution camera? 534 more words


Fire Emblem: Cipher Dengeki TCG Information Translated [2/2]

As part of the Dengeki scans that were provided to me, I translated the character profiles here. I decided to take a look at the TCG and how it works, so translated the entire explanation. 33 more words


TBT...The Past is Done But Only Over When You Move On

In recovery, every day is kind of like Throwback Thursday.  In the examination of events that occurred in the past and how you participated in or responded to them, we recover.   593 more words


Clomid and Scans

I had read such horror stories about clomid.  I took the first tablet and expected to be struck down immediately in the middle of the kitchen floor with vomiting, diarrhea, migraines, inexplicable rage, cramps and  ‘vaginal dryness’.   821 more words


Digital: Turn


Scanning my face whilst turning my head slowly, to reveal the twist of the motion, as if turning away from the viewer, if read from top to bottom; as in Roman text, or in video rendering, imitating a form of roller shutter effect, utilised by in Rollin Leonard’s 360/18 Lidia. 516 more words


How it all began

I had a daughter on the 16th March 2015, she unfortunately passed away on the 18th of March 2015! When I was 17 weeks pregnant my waters broke, I went to the hospital several times and had many tests, they said that everything was fine, and that I had probably wet myself, even tho I knew that was not the case I had to believe them. 159 more words