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Roll / Chronoscannographie

digital print (scan of a microfibre paint roller 150mm ∅30mm, & some remains of raspberry wall-paint), magnifying glass, & sliding system, 

56 x 80 cm, 2014.


Menyunting hasil scan film negatif warna

Proses ini lebih agak njlimet daripada menyunting film negatif hitam putih. 308 more words


150325 Park Yoochun for @star1 magazine April issue

Credit: @star1

Shared by: 6002sky



Gesundheit · Reichtum · Langlebigkeit · Wohlhabenheit

My friends (ex-colleagues) and I have been attending this monthly trivia quiz event — SG Tipsy Trivia —on a rather regular basis. It started out as a gathering for us after work that became a gathering to catch up with one another because we had all left the company for separate paths. 124 more words


Apparently Corsets Don't Damage Organs At All?

Controversial maybe, but you can’t do much arguing with MRI scans as proof.
For the first time, we have public information as to what happens to a corset wearer’s organs through the use of MRI (magnetic resonance imaging). 777 more words

Corsets, Bustles And Millinery

20 week scan: nerves and excitement

To say I was nervous before my 20 week scan is an understatement. Calling it an ‘anomaly scan’ does nothing to reassure anyone does it? And tales beforehand of how they look at the inside of the brain and the heart just freaked me out. 288 more words