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SCAMPER of Last Commissioned Video for Save The Children

So now we have done some research into the campaign, the target audience and some theory, we now think it is time to think of some of our own ideas and get the ball rolling on thinking of innovative ideas and concepts for our project. 431 more words


As part of the MOOC with Newcastle University, they have suggested that I analyse my idea using SCAMPER, a tool for testing, evaluating and developing ideas. 180 more words


SCAMPER - Dynamite - Taio Cruz - A Cappella Cover - Just Voice and Mouth - Mike Tompkins

City life documentary/mike Tompkins a cappella video – this source shows an editing  technique that inspired another initial idea for the video advert. We like the split screen technique used in this video because it is a more visually dynamic way of showing more than one character on screen. 62 more words


Jerks temporal physical

ecclesiastical spits

& spats dribs and drabs

scamper like sideways crabs,

those little sand ones,

super-sensitive little critters,

don’t want them in your vestments. 34 more words


Tips #02: SCAMPER toward innovation

SCAMPER is one of the most useful ways to create new products and services. I first ran across it in a book about novel-writing, so it’s good for artistic purposes, as well. 326 more words


#neisdpln Rocks!

Just to clarify, I knew all of the people involved in last night’s chat would be great.  I was just worried that I would mess up as host – spell something wrong, forget the hashtag, lose my wi-fi connection. 334 more words


Join Us for the #neisdpln Chat!

I’m not sure how I get myself into these things.  After all, it’s been little more than a year since I participated in my first Twitter chat. 206 more words