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Healthy has no Size

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I saw this cover of People while in line at the grocery store. Upon seeing this I had simultaneous thoughts. Yes I really did think two things at once. 637 more words


The scale on my head...

Who created the weighing scale, If I may ask?

Who was that overzealous person that apportioned clothes sizes?

Can someone please tell me?

Who was it that decided, 63 more words


through the act of love
with complete understanding
the honeymooners

grey scale rainbow love
blossoms beauteous beaming’s
wham bam thank you mam

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Here is something that might be useful.  I took a couple of existing pain scales, and modified them to work for me, and added a few of my own descriptive words and phrases.   97 more words


Grading scale bill 308 passes House

By: Ashton Kajcienski

Students in North Carolina public schools are now going to gain more credit for academic growth than before. This change in educational performance was established by a bill that was approved by the House of Representatives on Tuesday, March 10. 186 more words


That Scale - What a Jerk!

Just a few short months ago I would wake up each morning to empty my bladder, strip completely naked, and hesitantly (and with a light foot) step onto the scale. 839 more words