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I have to learn to say NO. I can’t please everyone and I keep putting myself in situations that I don’t like. I always want to do something nice for people specially if they are close friends or part of the family. 147 more words


Inspiration to say no/ Inspirasi untuk berkata tidak

Day 22 Inspiration to say no
I have to say no to negative things, without compromise. Compromise will produce negative issues.
Saying no is not pleasing when it is said, but it gives aid and release me of it. 57 more words

The Year Of Multiplication

How to Tackle: Saying No |5|

We are always told to say “Yes!”
To jump at opportunities, to push ourselves beyond our limits, and have amazing experiences that we wouldn’t allow ourselves to dream. 657 more words


School Bullying

Have you ever been called fat? Have you ever been called ugly? Has someone made you feel insecure about your appearance or personality? It doesn’t feel good, does it? 750 more words


The bad past always shows up when the present looks promising. Just say no, it is just to side-track you!




The truth about No

I’ve had to say no to a lot recently.  This is always hard for me because I’m a people-pleaser.  And I love to start new projects. 84 more words

Daily Life

Why not saying ‘No’ is a big NO NO

I know the title has too many NOs in it, but I had to write about this as I was getting tired of not saying no when I was supposed to. 854 more words

Life Experiences