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"No" Means Everything

Colton cracks me up. At 19 months, he says about two-dozen words, including “cha-cha” (chocolate), “eh-fant” (elephant) and “go-go” (yogurt).

He says “bash” for “spicy water”, which is our family reference to seltzer. 396 more words


I'm Thinking!

That’s today’s guinea pig meme’s phrase in black and white. We were thinking of complementing some of our memes with their black and white equivalent in future. 12 more words



Ever been busy thinking only to be interrupted right in the middle of it?

This little cutie has, that’s how she responded:



Do Mondays get mad at us if we say NO to them?


Keep Your Balance

There has to be balance in your life.

It is something you should strive for.

  • Make balance a part of all you do. 

Your eating, sleeping, working and play all should provide a balance in your life so that you will grow and live well. 58 more words

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