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March Recap

Here we are in April! It always seems like the years whiz past, yet the days go so slowly…esp Monday through Friday! First month of budget is in the books as well as my first month with a Roth IRA. 647 more words

Saving Money

April NO Spend Month and the Trick to Not Spending Money

This month I am 100% committed to not spending any money on “shopping”- aka clothes, makeup, shoes, bags, more clothes or more makeup.

After the two months of reckless spending I have just had- with Sephora online trips and Target going out of business….. 200 more words


Penniless Princess - Saving Pennies in Expensive Months

**Penniless Princess** – Saving Pennies in Expensive Months

How do you save your pennies? Please comment! I’d love to hear how you save – if you have any hints, tricks or habits you use. 594 more words

Minimalist March

How to save money

Earlier I stated that the number one question I am asked is “How do I find a cheap yet beautiful rentals abroad?”. I lied. It is actually, “How do you have this money for trips?”. 174 more words


Financial Literacy Month

April is Financial Literacy month. There are a lot of individuals young and old who are not familiar with basic financial terms. In honor of Financial Literacy Month I created a list of 30 financial terms that I feel everyone should know.


A Five Year Saving Plan for Travel…Why Not?

If you bank draft $100 per month for four years, you will have saved enough for one fully paid 2 week vacation to Europe. If you do the math, you see simply that at $200 a month you will have saved enough for two or even back down at $100 per month you will have saved enough for two in 8 years. 16 more words

Our Philosophy On Travel

Personal Finance: The Basics

It’s not what you think. Craft beer and Yoga Pants are a staple of the Basics, but (unfortunately) not of personal finance. Personal finance is overwhelming to some people and easy as pie to others. 614 more words