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Interests Rates- Ideas -Think Outside the Box

Are your interest rates on some “store” credit cards eating you up? There are a few ways to go around paying for three years on a purchase you planned on paying only a year for, however the interest rate surprised you.   158 more words


9 Ways to Make a Euro-Trip of a Lifetime Happen! (10 would be too cliché)

I know I want to travel, and so many people say that it is their dream to travel. Yet, at the end of their lives, they never do it! 805 more words


U.S. Hedge Funds Betting Against Canadian Bank Stocks Again

Short interest in the big six Canadian banks has risen over the past two months, but the increase is primarily in the United States. The re-emergence of the… 520 more words


Don't Let Your Emotions Take Over When Investing

I’ve seen and heard many people lose money in the stock market. A lot of these people are driven by their emotions. When the stock market is rising, they pour in more money for the hopes of getting more returns. 234 more words

Stop! Drop! Charity Shop!

Hello Savvy Shoppers!

I had a comment on a previous post about Charity and Goodwill shops and it gave me inspiration to do this post, so thank you… 499 more words


Power Hogs

If your phone is getting older, iPhone or Androids, you are probably concerned about the battery power that you currently have. Have you noticed that it now takes you longer every day to get charged up? 236 more words

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Military Saves Week Savings Strategy: Save

Today’s tip from Military Saves Week is to Save:

How to do it:  Are you ready to set your savings goal today and make a plan to achieve it?  15 more words