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Obamacare Trips Over Unintended Consequences -- Again

Obamacare is a destroyer that knows no bounds and has an insatiable hunger to rip apart the soul of the American middle class.

Staples was recently in the news after mr. 177 more words

Saving Healthcare

Obamacare back-end still not fixed, Government sends 800,000 Americans wrong tax info

On Friday, the government scam known as healthcare.gov had another massive failure:

The Obamacare website had another major stumble on Friday when the White House revealed it sent hundreds of thousands of customers bad tax information. 464 more words

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More Democrats Running from Obamacare

Journeying inside the Liberal mind is really quite something.

As we all know, in 2010, Democrats and Barack Obama forced through the Affordable Care Act, a corrupt and destructive law built on a host of extraordinary lies. 529 more words

Saving Healthcare

Media Waking Up to Obamacare Shell Game?

Megan McArdle over at Bloomberg just published some choice words about Obama’s latest film-flam on Obamacare: it seems Obama will once again change part of the law in order to distract from the ugly truth of what the law does to peoples’ wallets. 353 more words

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Obama Considers Changing Obamacare Again to Avoid Political Fallout…even though he is not Congress and Can't Change Laws

I have written thousands and thousands of words against Obamacare — maybe more than on any single subject I’ve discussed on this blog — and yet the most powerful argument against it is how many time Barack Obama has suspended certain provisions of the law so that citizens might be seduced into thinking it’s not so bad after all. 303 more words

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Obamacare Destruction of Medicaid and Medicare

Obamacare is ugly and malignant in so many ways I have lost count of them. One of those ways is truly perverse in the sense that Obamacare is destroying Medicare and Medicaid, the two Socialized Medicine programs that existed even before Obamacare was passed. 184 more words

Saving Healthcare

Obamacare Crumbling: nation's 2nd largest Co-Op collapses in Iowa

Obamacare has a way of making me feel like a genius.

This is because every prediction that I have made (along with millions of other Americans who are awake ) about how Obamacare would fail has either come true, or is on the way to becoming true. 366 more words

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