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Three Penny Sayings (2015)

1. A penny for your thoughts.
2. Penny saved is penny earned.
3. Gift for babies sharing royal birthday.
Well spent-
Coming from Royal Mint.


Hebrews Demystified

Students of the Bible have long shunned the Book of Hebrews but here is a booklet that will help the earnest Bible student or lay person to clearly understand what God was trying to say through the Apostle Paul.

Blood Behind the Veil

Saved. What is that?

Saved. What is that?
Is it the linked chained around my neck, its golden film fading and its crucifix swaying?
Or is it robotically regurgitating the books of the bible in front of the congregation to the chorus of “amens” and “go ‘heads”? 45 more words

Grasping Black Flowers

This is so hard! I have been fighting this all day. But it will not stop! I have tried to be transparent on how Gods is speaking to me. 515 more words


I Got Dunked

LAST NIGHT I GOT DUNKED, YALL. Yesterday was the combination of both the worst day ever and the BEST. The Lord turned it all around and He took me in. 873 more words


Manny Pacquiao Shares The Gospel of Lord Jesus!

Jesus answered him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life; no one goes to the Father except by me.

(John 14:6)

I think I am sinking!

I was sitting here in the quiet thinking of a few things. Really licking my wounds. Not playing the victim like I use to, but darn close. 383 more words