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The Devil brings "SEXY" back

There are 2 things I notice straight away with the Devil card from the Thoth deck:

1) The goat in the middle of the card and… 258 more words


Happy Birthday to me! Hold onto your cosmic handle bars, here comes my Saturn Return!

Birthday’s are a celebration! Candles, another year of life under our belt, more experiences, a year older, growing up. For me, today, I turn 29 and for many people who are not away of the importance of a 29th birthday I share with you the below information about the Saturn Return. 174 more words

Jupiter, Destroyer of Worlds

There have been in these last weeks many news discussing aspects of the biggest gas giant of the Solar System, and one of them has caught my attention. 508 more words


March 25 - Titan

Titan, Saturn’s largest moon, and the second largest moon in the Solar System (behind Ganymede, which is only ever so slightly bigger), was discovered on March 25th 1655 by the Dutch astronomer  322 more words

Going On Up There Then

Thoth and Death

So, on my Thoth journey I am on to card XIII – Death.

The Thoth version of Death takes alchemy into account. The skeleton represents the agent of putrefaction which is the alchemical process in which the first matter is purified through the process of dissolution, decay and death. 330 more words


Interstellar: a long overdue (a)critical review

On a long-haul flight I’ve finally found the time to watch Interstellar, and if you have not done it yet, I advise you to. It is an awesome movie, for many reasons, and I can mention here just a few of them, in order to avoid spoilers. 740 more words