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Actor Morgan Freeman was on hand as bestselling author James Patterson was knighted this week to the Order of the Knights of the Sharp Edged Table, an elite assembly of authors whose work supplies the inspiration for many of Tinsel Town’s sequels. 670 more words


Images of Lovers in Steam Punk Land

First, the obedient ones.

And then the ones making love in plain sight.

… and check out this tree and its checkerboard sign, eh!

… and this dumpster and its coy hydrant. 28 more words


Sensation: Michael Bay inszeniert Kafka bei Salzburger Festspielen

SA-TIERE. Das schlug ein wie eine Bombe aus seinen Filmen – heute bestätigte die Festspielpräsidentin Helga Rabl-Stadler die Verpflichtung des Hollywood-Ausnahme-Regisseurs. „Er wird für uns ‘Die Verwandlung’ von Franz Kafka im großen Saal der Festspiele inszenieren“, so Rabl-Stadler. 341 more words


Administration Worth $9 Billion Pits Student Body Against Itself for Share of $1 Million

… And so far, Glee Club is in the lead. In second place, Ultimate Frisbee. Then Save the Skeletons. Welcome to Notre Dame Day! 29 straight hours of fundraising for all 29 dorms on campus, along with numerous athletic and academic clubs. 98 more words

Notre Dame Day

What they say vs What they are thinking vs what you are thinking

So let me blow your mind. Free of charge.

Dating is hard enough, which is strange considering most people are just looking for someone who won’t murder or rape them or turn into a complete crazy person. 384 more words

College Humor

Furby loves you

There’s this new app Happn, that basically lets you stalk the people around you. It’s seriously inspired. So if you want to get stalked then I suggest you download it and keep your GPS tracking on. 132 more words

College Humor