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Feed The Birds Huh?

An ill-advised foray into cartooning on Tuesday (after being away for three days) apparently proved catastrophic. It seems that abandoning your posts can lead to irresponsible drawings of a comic, resulting in a mass exodus—by all two of you. 541 more words


Wiffleball Scandal Rocks the Sports World

An international incident involving a dog named Fifi, who missing his cup and peed on the leg of a Russian judge at the Wiffleball World Playoffs… 170 more words


Institute For Social Media Studies Recommends Changing Name Of Selfie

(PNI.  Cannes, France.)

The Institute For Social Media Studies today announced its recommendation that the word  “selfie,” commonly used to describe a digital photo of oneself taken with a smartphone, be changed to “narcissie.”  Adonis Bravakker, an Institute spokesperson, stated that, 109 more words


16 Reasons New Jersey Is Most Definitely NOT the Armpit of America

As an N.J. native, I know that I have a right to say that New Jersey is a lot better than people think of it to be. 912 more words


TLC to Retool '19 and Counting' to Feature Republican Presidential Candidates Instead

NEW YORK CITY (The Barbed Wire) – Network executives have tired over the major public backlash toward their hit show “19 and Counting,” a show that chronicles the lives of a man, his baby-popping, human Pez dispenser wife, and lots of kids, after revelations became public that the eldest son of the Duggar family had molested some of his siblings while he was a minor. 157 more words


The God of Me

The God of Me, he is so wonderful
He seems to get on board with everything I do
Whatever I want is what He wants for Me, He is so amazing… 110 more words


PHOTOS: Getting loosey goosey on Depot Square

Take a moment to enjoy some random pictures of these “loosey goosey flying creature things” on Depot Square at the new temporary pocket park on the corner of Riverside Ave. 20 more words

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