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The Patriarchy

The Head of the Family arrived home after a hard day poolside.

He enjoyed his day on the links, chasing after the gazelle like beer girls on the course. 275 more words

Social Media

Research shows small dogs annoying no matter how far you punt them

Recent research shows that no matter how far you punt a small dog, it will immediately return to you and continue to be annoying. The researchers plan to continue this line of research by investigating whether or not the dog will continue its annoying demeanor based on how hard they are punted, ranging from a soft kick to a full-on NFL style punt.

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“Black girls rock!” says Michelle. Helps a ton
to hear that. Lots of harms are undone
by those words, rich and wise,
and the look in her eyes… 15 more words

I was so tired...

I was so tired this evening that I walked into the house and called for Erin. The new cat started looking around for him, too. 6 more words

Tales From The Gay Bar - "Ask a Silly Question" or "The Coming Out Starter Kit™"

I first came out of the closet some 12 years ago. (I say “first” because coming out is not something you do once. It is something you do over and over again your entire life.) In those 12 years I have been asked many questions about my coming out and sexuality in general. 1,545 more words


Where Will I Admit Defeat

Defeat is not something easily admitted

I balk, I fight, and I often deny it

But there is one time when I will readily admit I have been bested… 61 more words