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PROJECT 2 - Developing your marks - Stages 4 - 6


As the course notes say through out I am becoming very much aware of textures in both my sketches and in life around me generally – I am taking more photos of texture and noticing smaller things such as the textures of a decaying log or the moss that grows in the grass etc and understand what the notes say about trying to recreate the qualities rather than just the image or sketch itself. 1,553 more words

Part 1

Satin Stitch

I think my love affair with satin stitch embroidery started with a wooly cardigan I bought when I was in uni. Then, it cost more than I would normally pay for a piece of clothing, but I’ve definitely made my money’s worth by wearing it to death. 227 more words

The limpets shell revisited

Oh how I do love shells. from the previous work in project one I think you guessed that. An opportunity within this exercise meant I could work a sample using different threads and yarns to create texture. 248 more words

A Creative Approach

The rusty water wheel revisited

The dilapidated waterwheel offers such richness in colours and textures. Pitted and smooth areas mix together with seamless connections into different colours.

For me the surface of this particular area was reasonably smooth. 49 more words

A Creative Approach

Stage Two Exploring marks and lines through stitch techniques

I have started a cover for the sketchbook that will contain this work. I have tried to work spontaneously on it showing examples of the stitches asked for in this exercise. 598 more words

A Creative Approach

Satin no more

The satin stitching on Leaf 16 didn’t hold, I thought I’d be able to get away with it, but no. So, it’s been unpicked, and I’m doing free association knotting. 8 more words


I spy, with my little eye, something beginning with K...

Another commission, this one an embroidered letter.  This customer purchased one of the embroidered letters from my Etsy shop – the ‘A’, as both she and her husband have the same first initial.  93 more words