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"More Test" Said One Person Only...

A major issue that has been coming up in higher education is whether or not colleges and universities should consider standardized test scores in college admission processes. 228 more words

Higher Education

Faulty Comparisons

Note: This is a post referring to the public Canadian education system, specifically high school. This excludes charter schools and private schools.

Many people assume that Canada has better education system than the U.S. 362 more words


The Top 5 SAT Myths, as Debunked by a Real-Life Harvard Genius

Okay folks, let’s face one thing up front: I am an intellectual marvel. Wherever I go, I’m the smartest guy in the room, and I announce this very fact whenever I enter a room. 523 more words



Fact. Nothing beats a good pizza. Especially one with a crusty base, awesome toppings, and gobbled with a glass of wine. It’s just one if those simple pleasures that never dates. 405 more words

My Logic

The time has come in the academic life when one gets asked the same questions about the same tests…from the same person. “When will you take it?” “Do you think you’re ready?” “Are you worried?” “What college do you want to go to?” The most logical response I’ve ever heard and have also given is: We will see. 357 more words