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The Impact of FERPA on Admissions

By Rob Welborn

SC Test Prep

This past January, spurred on by an anonymous student publication on campus, several hundred Stanford University students exercised their constitutional freedoms in a new and potentially destabilizing way: they requested their educational records. 488 more words


Who Am I Anymore ?

Have you ever just sat down and just thought, how the hell did I end up at this point in my life, and being like this ? 92 more words

10 Things I Wish I Knew and Did Before Graduating HS (from a senior in HS)

Jill Ashey is a senior in high school, heading to college in the fall. Lucky for Me-2U, she loves to write and share her experiences going through this process.  1,244 more words


SAT Practice: Are simple joys as valuable as complex experiences?

Every moment we go through is an equally valuable experience.  In life, there are always large and defining moments that we will remember for years to come.   397 more words


SAT Practice: Can People Have too Much Enthusiasm?

If too much enthusiasm is possible, then I believe it is not bad at all. There is no reason for someone not to be completely devoted to their life’s work.   394 more words


Unloving Return

I ve probably sat here for an hour or two, just trying to figure out how to say what I want to say, and where to say it. 81 more words

SAT Practice Essay: Is a perfect society possible or even desirable?

A perfect society can be achieved depending on a person’s definition of perfect.  If, as a species, we try to achieve a society where people are guaranteed simple freedoms and basic rights such as food and no war, then yes, I believe this is something we should yearn for.   262 more words