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Series Issues: The Walking Dead 5x15 - Snap, Crackle and Pop

Here may be spoilers.

You can almost hear the restraints snap open on this week’s The Walking Dead 5×15: Try. It’s not there have not been tension between the Alexandrians and our favorite group of survivors, but it’s slowly dawning on everyone that not everybody can make it in a world were both civilized and uncivilized forms of post-apocalyptic life are trying to co-exist. 760 more words

Series Issues

The Walking Dead waits for the Real Rick

Rob Bricken, author of Crazy Rick Returns With A Vengeance OnThe Walking Dead gave amazing insight on “try” the latest episode on the The Walking Dead. 130 more words

The Walking Dead: Trunk in Love

Hey you survivors. We are one week out from our finale, and it seems like Alexandria had the potential to get boring, but I feel like if we just hang out for a minute, we’ll be proven wrong on that front. 1,349 more words

The Walking Dead

The Voice UK Quarter Finales! Team Tom

Tom, was second in rough. Yeah!! Tom had on a very beautiful suit.

Lara Lee: Bayard of Brixton. She can do spoken word. A little Jill Scott vibe. 299 more words

Shakira probó que su hijito Sasha es idéntico a Gerard Piqué

Piqué y Sasha.

Foto: Facebook/Shakira

Shakira probó que su hijito Sasha es idéntico a Gerard Piqué a través de una tierna imágen que compartió en las redes sociales. 114 more words


PokeWar Part 2

“Hostile down, all clear.” She said aloud. Three other members of Delta Squad poked their heads up above the tall grass. She adjusted her sapphire blue pig tails, they had come loose in the commotion. 1,092 more words


The Walking Dead: Commitment Issues

It’s been a LONG time since we talked about The Walking Dead together. To catch you up, everyone died. They’ve been kind of vagrants for the better half of two seasons, and now, we’re here in Alexandria. 1,455 more words

The Walking Dead