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Walang Takas

*Sipi mula sa tangkang-salin ng “No Exit” ni Jean-Paul Sartre

GARCIN: Itong tansong ito. Oo, ngayon na ang panahon; tinitignan ko ‘yon sa may estante, at naiintindihan kong nasa impiyerno nga ako. 200 more words


This is not the first sentence.

Confessions of a postmodern closet Romantic, and all the baggage that follows these two sentences – including their presumptous self-awareness and consequential desperate honesty.

There’s a somewhat reblogged caption (several on Tumblr have thousands of notes) of an interview with Jacques Derrida in the 2002 documentary carrying his name. 2,580 more words

Alan Watts

Nausea by Jean-Paul Sartre

Sartre is famous for philosophical works expounding his theory of Existentialism. Finding it difficult to express the essence of Existentialism by definition alone, Sartre found literary expression in this powerful novel Nausea. ★★★★+

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Freedom fighter

The complete guide to France’s brainy hero“: a review of Thomas Flynn’s Sartre: A Philosophical Biography. “Most technical philosophers tend to look at the world as armchair scientists. 114 more words

P3: What Am I?


Every time a fly lands it shits- seems to be justification enough to never stop moving.


Review: Nausea by Jean Paul Sartre

My favorite Roquentin quote is, ” That black against my foot, it didn’t look like black, but rather the confused effort to imagine black by someone who had never seen black and who wouldn’t know how to stop, who would have imagined an ambiguous being beyond colors. 405 more words

Some thoughts on Sartre's Nausea

I always found J-P Sartre a fascinating figure. He was clearly highly intelligent and a master observer of day-to-day human behaviour. His writing style was very clear and -unlike other existentialist authors- easy to understand by most. 557 more words