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New study shows speaking in Boston accent drastically lowers IQ

A new study from the Institute of Language Development shows that speaking in a variety of accents, most notably a Boston accent, immediately lowers your intellectual quotient (IQ) by approximately 23 points. 44 more words



Ahh, teamwork. One of the only things in the world that can simultaneously aggravate and deliver great satisfaction to you before throwing itself at your feet in a disheveled heap, leaving you to wonder what the hell you did wrong. 411 more words


Selfies and Driving

‘But First, Let me Take a Selfie’

In 2013, the word ‘selfie’ was added to the dictionary.  A crime against the English Language? It may be viewed this way.   435 more words


What's lurking in the dark??

Exactly 12:00 am. And suddenly the whole neighbourhood Ioses power. Pitch black. Only the moon gleaming dimly.
Kind of new in this neighbourhood but this is the 1st time ever there’s been a load shedding. 19 more words

I hope the forest is green enough ;)

There are very few rare moments when you actually feel happy for being an engineering student. One such priceless moment is when you go through the much respected maths book see such beautiful definitions: 44 more words

An Introduction of Sorts.

Hello there. I assume you’ve stumbled upon this blog unintentionally as you trawl through whichever various archives of the internet you were investigating. It’s a common phenomena. 514 more words


I couldn't think of a title ;)

Is it just me or anybody else’s dreams also tend to have part 1, part 2 n part 3 and in some cases an epilogue :p… 6 more words