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Who are "we" ???

We who…..

Dine to check in, not to taste in

Write wishes on walls, not on postcards

Smiles on selfies, not on faces

Shares online but not offline… 110 more words


"Learnings" Isn't A Word, Dipshit

Four years in marketing is enough to make any sane person cynical. The industry is built on being the best bullshitter, on convincing people that someone’s shit is better than everyone else’s shit because we said it was. 269 more words


Embroidery Antics

Excuse the rude language, but sometimes you’ve just got to embroider some profanities with some flowers, right? 

It’s no secret to anyone that knows me, or follows me on  97 more words


We aren't accepting applications at this time. I wonder why?

My son decided to go out this afternoon and get some job applications. Thankfully, he changed his clothes before he went – he had the foresight to realize the shirt he was wearing wasn’t the most appropriate for the task at hand. 30 more words


This post is sooooo totally cool

Bert & Ernie: Why our generation is so sarcastic

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