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Fascinating.... Not.

So in case you still don’t know, there’s this big new LBQ web series coming up called “She’s in London” and they need extras. Mind, you have to be lesbian, bi or queer, because it’s only about real-life characters. 74 more words

Right Here Right Now

North Korea promotes 'Free Thinking Day'

In order to help improve relations with other countries, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un appeared on state run media stating his intentions to create a national “Free Thinking Day.” Jong-un reported that on this specific day all North Korean citizens will be allowed to “think freely” amongst themselves; however, citizens are prohibited from sharing or communicating their thoughts in any way. 43 more words


Ultra Spiritual Exclusive Interview - Ultra Spiritual Life episode 16 - with JP Sears (funny)

Hilarious. “Scientists are religiously scientific” – This show is funny but that line is actually true. One of the funniest lines is the reference to Hillary Clinton and “her wife Bill”.

Saudi Prince donates 10,000 barrels of oil to homeless

Prince Al-Waleed recently donated 10,000 barrels of oil to homeless and underprivileged families. The Prince stated that each family can do whatever they please with their barrel, but after they are done doing whatever it is they plan on doing with it, they will be required to pay for the disposal fee of the oil. 13 more words


Ahh, Family

A wealthy relative called after our wedding to let me know it “Was nice. Didn’t know you could afford that nice of a wedding.”