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An open letter from me, Brian, to you, my fans

My name is Brian. I’m the creator of this site, Make It Plural. It’s been a while since I wrote to you, my fans—or maybe I’ve never written to you?—and I just wanted to take a few seconds to clear something up. 456 more words

Black Flowers

This is my very first poem. It is a sarcastic one, written on 26.Nov.2000.

If I put you in my head
consider yourself dead

If I put you on my arm…

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Sarcastic Saturday!

So, Saturday it is and as I said in my previous post, I am in a very humorous mood as finally will get one day for relaxing. 56 more words


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I always appreciate a blogger that likes sarcasm! Great post! -OM Note: Comments disabled here, please visit their blog.

Automatic Toilets

I get laziness.  We have a lot in common, me and him.  (Obviously he’s a dude: girls ain’t quite caught up with boys in the laziness department.)  Laziness and I both love watching fat guys work out on “The Biggest Loser,” ordering fast food online, teaching the dog to fetch the remote control, swiping left on girls who would never give us a second look, and that great national holiday, the Super Bowl. 506 more words


Note To Self

I need to remember to bring my headphones to work.  Every morning I forget until I walk through the door of my office and then I remember I’m stuck listening to all the talking again.  55 more words


Twisted #2

“We all can dance, when we find a song we love.”

Umm, no

We all can dance when we find an alcohol we love.



I doubt anything can cure HR but well…we can try!

I might be pushing it here…but honestly I can’t even hide my disdain for those morons!