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How Looking For The Right Blog Theme Is Like Looking For The Right Boyfriend

I wanted to change my blog’s theme but I was having a hard time looking for the one that matches my taste. I was listing what I’m looking for in a theme when I realized something. 257 more words


A Star is Depressed-2

With the star declaring depression, it has become the “in” thing to have, an ultimate fashion statement, a must have accessory to declare that you have arrived. 312 more words


Is anybody out there?

Hey there, friends. Welcome to the latest diary of adventures in parenting!

This blog has been a long time coming. Here’s why: I love to write. 320 more words


Teaching Life and the Living is Easy

“Teachers have it easy.” **

An old friend said that to me recently. I’m not mad. It is one of the perceptions that people have about teachers and teaching. 799 more words


Taken Too Soon

Fac succumbed to his injuries last night, a fervent reader who was hit by a yellow cab while reading from his phone and crossing the street. 188 more words


I Want To Improv The ID Channel

We’ve all made the mistake when we are snuggling up to our significant other and your finger accidentally grazes over their back when you move, and what do you know? 521 more words