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Doom's day?!

On 21st Dec 2012, It was all the same for me. They said the world would end.

It was all the same…

Early morning sun made me stretch, the chilly breeze whispered a snooze. 201 more words


What a beautiful world...

Ever since mankind had flourished on earth, we have been talking about civilizations. We made it the ideal place to live, organized and surrealistic. Look at the cities today, New York, London, Tokyo, and Mumbai. 477 more words


There Was a Crooked Man...

Life in the Boomer Lane, discarding any number of current world atrocities she could wax poetic about, has instead chosen to entertain readers with her current kitchen improvement project. 586 more words


Traveling Essentials

Remember that feeling when your throat is dry as the Gobi Desert and you ache for some water? You start feeling dizzy and you are willing to go leaps and bounds in order to reach a Well, pull out some water and gulp it down in a single shot. 2,027 more words


Hold That Elevator

It ain’t always easy being one of WordPress’s least loved blogs, ya know.

It’s a huge non-commitment of time and resources to bring you this modicum of mediocrity, such as it is. 785 more words

Where Motivation Goes to Die

Whattup blogfriends?!

My name is Jodie and I pride myself on being a top notch procrastinator, mediocre lover and a terrible student. (That last one especially). 81 more words


Sports Lover or Sportsperson Lover?

Since I know I’m gonna write a hell of shit here and its already giving me complexity to decide its title. It’s just the beginning and I’m getting feeling that it can exasperate pseudo sports lover and patriots to that level that my fate could be worse than charlie-hebdo’s cartoonists. 848 more words