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02 - Allium Bulb Murdered!

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Imagined response: Unbelievable indeed!  Have you considered a squirrel may have been the culprit?  Why would a human, or a flower lover at that, steal other people’s bulbs?   92 more words


Caution: This Blog Uses Satire/Sarcasm/Parody

I was hoping to not have to write another post like this one, but I feel it’s necessary due to some of the feedback I’ve received. 1,096 more words

Physical Therapy

Journalitico explains: Barack Obama's macho stunts

The Economist wrote this. I corrected it for them.

See below. Corrections in red.

What is really going on with these preposterous photo-ops?

The superficial explanation is that they are part of the increasingly sinister personality cult the White House has cultivated around Mr Obama, especially since he re-assumed the presidency in 2012.

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One Week Until Looney June

Gee willikers, where has the time gone?

If you don’t know what Looney June is, let me explain it quickly.

May 4th is Star Wars… 661 more words


Self Harm: The Beginners Guide

If you’ve stumbled across this page, chances are you are considering, or have already performed self harm. If you’ve already performed it, go ahead and read through this guide anyways, it’s very helpful. 558 more words


I would consider myself a very sarcastic person. At time distant, at times cold, at times even a little unfriendly.

However, friendly or not, happy nor not, joking or not – my sarcasm prevails. 151 more words

Everything Else

Beautiful Wolf

What is the first rule of art in love? To be deeply and sensually committed. Can you remember 326 more words