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A Limerick about Sarah Palin and some thoughts about America.

A gal from the forty-ninth state
made “leaders” all bristle with hate.
She resigned from her post
to accomplish the most.
And now, she’s the Grizzly Mom Great.
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Americans celebrate independence from not being allowed to shoot each other

Americans throughout America are today celebrating 240 years of independence from the UK and the subsequent freedoms associated with it, such as eating incredibly shit chocolate and running around shooting each other. 195 more words


TO THE FOURTH POWER (2013) – This film was one of the sleeper hits of last year. You’d think it would be impossible to do something creative with the mock documentary format at this point but  895 more words

Edward Wozniak

Tell Sarah to bring me iced tea. A Limerick.

Tell Sarah to bring me iced tea.

Queen Hillary issued decree.

Sarah Palin replied:

“Yes maam, sure, Much obliged.

Let’s party like it’s 1773.” 63 more words


The Hypocrisy of Bristol Palin and the Liberal Media

Speaking for We the People, I have heard far more than enough about Bristol Palin. Her being Sarah Palin’s daughter has, since 2008, landed her one undeserved opportunity after another, ensuring that she remains a presence in the national media, the same national media that her mother despises, or at least publicly claims to despise. 471 more words

finally a palin who inspires humankind

at first i couldn’t restrain a guffaw or resist feasting on the irony.

then the empathy and sympathy kicked in; this is the person who has sarah palin as a mother. 434 more words