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Editing Sucks!!! XP

Well, it’s official. Editing absolutely sucks. I’ve re-read the entire book twice. The first hundred and thirty pages is nauseating. It’s absolutely horrible and I apologize for making you all read that. 267 more words

The End!!!

Well everyone… this is it! The Epilogue post was the end of my book! I’ve finally finished it. One year and seven months after I started my manuscript, I’ve finally finished. 117 more words



“Well Applethorne,” Queen Lorelei says. “Your pet turned out to be quite the entertainment.”

            The Seelie Queen is lounging back on a pile of cushions in her favorite resting place under an ancient, sweeping willow. 434 more words

Chapter Fourteen: Part Twelve

“Yes please!” I hug her back hard and bury my nose in her hair, inhaling her clean smell. We’re alright. I’ve done it. The kingdom is mine. 219 more words

Chapter Fourteen: Part Eleven

As for my uncle and his family, his wife and children, who were innocent, were sent off to live in my uncle’s estate he had before he became King. 419 more words

Chapter Fourteen: Part Ten

I can’t stop myself. A grin splits across my face and I’m charging across the clearing. Caden looks startled and has no time to respond before I’m on him. 455 more words

Chapter Fourteen: Part Nine

“Your turn, highness.” Lorelei taunts, stalking slowly over to me on all fours like a large feline. I’m frozen in fear.

Then she jolts forward and her face is mere inches from mine, her eyes wide and teeth bared. 406 more words