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U is for... Unauthorized

*The theme for my A to Z is Childhood Stories. Some are real, some are embellished, some are downright fictional but are based on the kind of things I imagined when I was younger.* 1,408 more words

A To Z

Theology for the Future

The Trinity is one of the most powerful concepts of Christian thought. In a nutshell, the Trinity is the representation of the one Supreme God in three distinct parts. 831 more words


Therapist in Santa Monica Treats Women with Postpartum Depression

Regardless of how much you have yearned for a child, the multitude of expectations that life requires you to do may be too overwhelming. If you find yourself crying instead of enjoying motherhood, you may be suffering from baby blues, which is relatively normal unless it leads to postpartum depression (PPD). 70 more words

Christmas Countdown

{Here is another story that was typed but never posted.  It was originally written on December 26, 2013.  Two years later, I am very thankful I had written these events down.   1,260 more words


A Psychiatrist in Santa Monica can Help Deal with Anxiety Disorders

Everyone can get anxious every now and then, especially when presented with a situation where they are uncomfortable or unfamiliar. On the other hand, some people have anxiety that is beyond what is considered normal, or an anxiety disorder. 53 more words