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Beat the Santa Ana SoCal Heat With Chinese Food Therapy Juice

You’ve heard so many doctors say “the weather does not make you sick.” Technically they’re correct, however, weather acts as the vehicle that delivers most pathogenic influences to our most vulnerable areas, mucosal membranes. 274 more words

Garden Eats

February 13, 2015

balmy gusts of wind
fool trees into spring blossom
bicycle pedals

Spitting Hot Fire: Malibu Wildfires and the Santa Anas

“To live with the Santa Ana, is to accept consciously or unconsciously, a deeply mechanistic view of human behavior,” reflected Joan Didion in 1968. Quoting Raymond Chandler, she noted the environment’s deterministic control over Californians. 2,394 more words


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Southern California's climate is extraordinarily mild. I lived in San Diego for 8 years and I have difficulty remembering when certain events happened in my life because the weather never changed. Weather serves a signpost in our lives and those signposts are often not present if you live in Southern California. In San Diego, one 72 degree day blends into another. If people did not put up holiday ornaments you would never know that it was December. There is only exception and it is an important one, the Santa Ana winds. The Santa Ana winds blow hot air from the desert towards the coast. Temperatures across southern California shoot up dramatically when Santa Ana winds begin blowing. The Santa Ana winds can occur anytime of year. The hottest day I experienced in eight years of San Diego was in February. Unfortunately, wild fire often accompany the winds. I remember waking up in October 2003 and the sky had turned orange. A few days earlier on October 25th, the Cedar Fire broken out east of San Diego, near Ramona. Within a few days San Diego was covered with a thick layer smoke. Ultimately, the fire consumed 280,000 acres, destroyed 2,820 building and tragically killed 15 people. It was the worst fire in California history. Despite the mild climate, Southern California is a desert and wildfires are constant threat. Ryan Reft at Tropics of Meta has an article about the Santa Anas and Malibu, the tinderbox of Southern California. He explores the almost mythic nature of the Santa Anas. Malibu has been repeatedly burned to the ground by wild fires stoked by Santa Anas. If Malibu was not pressed up against the Pacific Ocean in such a stunning location it would have been abandoned years ago because of the wildfire threat. Unsurprisingly, humans magnify the threat of the threat of Santa Ana wildfires. We repeatedly build homes in places like Malibu and provide fuel for monster fires. Reft examines the remarkable ability of humans to ignore serious and life threatening environmental threats in his post. Check out Reft's article.

On the Art Board

Santa Anas. Watercolor on paper, 6.5×11.5.