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Coffee Culture

While in Clearwater, Florida with my best friends it seemed like the perfect opportunity to try a new coffee place! I can’t think of another place where a group of people could have so many different meals. 170 more words

Tinfoil Advancement -part 47

     The office that Sonia and Lauren shared was cluttered but not chaotic. Pictures of dogs and cats, sometimes with their owners sometimes without, lined the walls along with awards and plaques denoting various professional and fraternal organizations. 1,903 more words


From Gdansk to Rzeszow!

Masterclasses at the Gdansk Academy of Music. Shosti 3 and Mozart 465. And many more besides….

A classic poster on display in the Warsaw philharmonic hall where we rehearsed with Boris Berman. 68 more words

Sandy Wilson

Tinfoil Mea Culpa -part 46

     Bryan had called Sandy immediately upon awakening from the nightmare in which he had been raped to death. She had brought dinner, a bicycle, and a world of comfort to him and when she’d seen his vomit smeared sheets laying on the bathroom floor had volunteered to wash them. 935 more words


The SpongeBob Movie. Sponge Out of Water. Movie Review.

There was a time when my younger twin brother and sister were obsessed with SpongeBob. Episodes of it recorded off the UK NickToons channel along with episodes of Fairly Odd Parents (who remembers that show) and with my brothers Top Gear obsession (ironic considering Clarkson finally got what was coming to him for years yesterday as of writing this) clogged to the Sky+ endlessly. 652 more words


Tinfoil Land of the Living -part 45

     Thus far the conversation at Bryan’s apartment had been anything but sweet and lite. His retelling of the mother of all nightmares had started them down a woebegone trail of desperation and despondency that had forked onto a path of historical horror. 1,207 more words