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My stepfather complains about my sister and I, we have no hope for our mother and we don’t want him to have any.  My sister and I complain about our stepfather, his hopes are unrealistic and unfair.   460 more words


Counting my blessings...

So today I am starting the second week of my 55th trip around the sun. It is cold and grey outside and there is snow in the air. 1,013 more words

Can't We All Just Get Along?

I don’t know about other mothers of multiple children, but for whatever reason, I thought we would reach a point on all our lives when we would all be happy. 520 more words

All My Life's a Circle: Respect Across the Lifespan

“We are once an adult, and twice a child.”

I’ve been away.

As ever, I have a lot of blog posts in the works, halfway or quarter-way written, a few with just a title and a sentence or two reminding me what I was going to write about so I can come back to it when I have time and brainpower.  

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Reclaiming My Space

Yet another birthday. Mine this time. Yesterday. And with it a goal for the coming year. I want to reclaim some personal space, both on my calendar and in my house. 584 more words

Sandwich Generation

Compensating Caregivers...One of the Next "Big Things"

As our population ages and more people are requiring some sort of personal care, I believe there are several components of caregiving that will have to be addressed in the near future.  1,050 more words

Eldercare And Caregiving

Caring for Your Children AND Your Parents...and Finding the Balance

While waiting to load my car at Sam’s Club one day, I observed a young woman in front of me who was loading a minivan with her purchases.  1,324 more words

Eldercare And Caregiving