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Where Are Our Priorities?

The simple answer is sports and entertainment, but certainly not education. I could stop there, but you might feel cheated for having received so little information. 605 more words

Hall of Bros: Ryan Gosling

Yes, he’s Canadian. No, I don’t care for Canadians. But is Ryan Gosling really a Canuck? I mean, I like Nina Dobrev. So that’s gotta count for something. 201 more words


Screen Characters Blog Hop

I’ve been in a blogging slump lately.  I haven’t had anything interesting to talk about- or maybe I never do!  So, thank you  Paige Randall, … 488 more words


7 Ways to Recognize Your Personal White Savior

By C. Michael Forsyth

ATLANTA — Every black person has their own personal white savior, a flesh and blood “guardian angel” whose mission is to watch over them and help them achieve their goals. 448 more words


Gravity (2013)

*Originally posted November 15th, 2013*

I watched Gravity tonight. It’s a fairly slow moving film that managed to keep me in total suspense throughout its entirety. 586 more words


Lucy: I Just Couldn't Get Past the Sketchy Science and Attempt at Philosophy

Admittedly, when I first heard about it, I didn’t give it high hopes, because I’m pretty sure the whole “using only 10% of your brain” thing is a myth. 675 more words


Fifty in focus

It was quite the couple of weeks for media commentary on being 50+.  First, in the Huffington Post, blogger Michelle Coombs took a “you should no longer give a s#!&” stance under the guise of a “what not to wear” article; … 509 more words