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Dr. Kathryn E May - The New Scriptures - Direct Dictation from Jesus / Sananda - Who Needs Light .org

Dr. Kathryn E May,  of  Who Needs Light .org

Transcribed all of these sacred documents.

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The New Scriptures, as given by Jesus/Sananda.

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Company Of Heaven

Momentous Change Taking Place – Sananda, Lady Nada, Ascended Masters, One Who Serves, Ashira – Ancient Awakenings – 3-31-15

This is “Sananda”. And yes, it is true that there are times when I would be with you and then there are other times that I am unable to be with you. 290 more words


Items of Interest: LIVING PHILOSOPHY


To bring blessings upon yourself, bless your neighbor.  To enrich yourself, enrich your neighbor.  Honor your neighbor and the world will honor you.  To sorely hurt yourself, hurt your neighbor. 139 more words

Items Of Interest

A Last Stand

Events of February 13, 2015

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On this night I watched “Man of Steel” and it was the perfect movie for me to watch at that time. 1,599 more words

Departure Of Dark Souls - 5 Million go to the Light - Sananda/Jesus via Kathryn E May - 2-11-15

Dr. Kathryn E. May


Sananda/Jesus and ArchAngel Gabriel narrate this historic yet solemn event, the escorting of the Cabal members to the Light. All Higher Selves are asked to take part in the transformation of these souls to the light. 2,439 more words