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Samsung Galaxy S6 unboxing and mini review (Video)

It’s been a year since the Galaxy S5’s arrival and since then, we’ve all been expecting major change from Samsung. The Galaxy S6 is finally here and it’s all the change that we’ve been waiting for, but what makes it so great? 504 more words


Pre-orders begin for the Samsung Galaxy S6 & HTC One M9 | Empiezan los pedidos anticipados para el Samsung Galaxy S6 y el HTC One M9

[EN]: The Samsung Galaxy S line of smartphones is one of the top favorites in the US market, but HTC is willing to compete with its HTC One M9. 433 more words


Samsung lanzó una casa inteligente destinada a los perros

Samsung lanzó una casa inteligente destinada a los perros del hogar. Cuenta con dispensador de comida automático, cinta de correr cubierta de césped, pileta y hasta un televisor en el interior. 151 more words


Samsung dará 128GB de almacenamiento en sus teléfonos

El hecho de que a no tengas a  un Smartphone que se encuentre en el top de los teléfonos celulares no significa que tenga que conformarte con una pequeña capacidad de almacenamiento, pensando en esto Samsung está fabricando chips de memoria que prometen dar 128 GB de almacenamiento que serían compatibles con la mayoría de los dispositivos móviles. 167 more words


The OnePlus One A Year On - An In-Depth Review

If you were to ask anybody with an interest in tech what the biggest story of 2014 was, they would likely answer the OnePlus One. It is no secret that the device had a rocky start to its existence, with negative press based around its “smash the past” competition (in which it asked users to smash their current flagships in exchange for a OnePlus) and a convoluted invite system to boot. 1,865 more words