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Pope Francis Submits to Scientific Materialism

Last week, the Irish Republic, long dominated by the Catholic Church in its management of public morals, stood up on its feet and granted marriage rights to same-sex couples. 138 more words


J.K. Rowling Had An Incredible Twitter Fight With the Westboro Baptist Church

It didn’t take long for the Westboro Baptist Church to taunt J.K. Rowling on Twitter for her awesome response to Ireland legalizing same sex marriage. But the Harry Potter author fired back in kind. 155 more words

#THURSDAY THOUGHTS: Love has no boundaries

Sometimes you might go through struggles, the feeling that you’re alone trying to fight a war that has already decalared its winner, but as with life, the battle is only as tough as you make it. 296 more words

83% of relationship registrants straight


Even though only 19 of an inner-Perth city’s 113 registered relationships are same sex couples, the mayor of the inner-Perth City of Vincent says the register has been a success since it was established in 2012 to allow gay and straight couples to formally recognise their relationship. 688 more words


Why Ireland’s ‘Yes’ vote for same-sex marriage matters so much

Until very recently Ireland was, as the saying goes,“a nation run by men in dresses” (cassocks). Perhaps this is why the image of someone in a dress—a form-fitting rose-pink dress—was one of the most captivating to come out of Dublin on Saturday: drag queen Panti Bliss (real name Rory O’Neill) … 802 more words


Well done Ireland! Your turn Australia.

So the people of Ireland turned out in their masses and voted YES to marriage equality. Making Ireland (the super catholic/conservative Ireland) the first country to change the law in favour of marriage equality by public vote. 576 more words

Rant And Raves

Quote of the Day

Set aside some utopian conception of what marriage is or should be about in the ideal, and instead recognize the way we live now — how and why we marry and how children are brought into this world and the homes in which they are raised.

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