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Arch nemesis exercise step--Voltas!

Had both a practice and lesson tonight.  Both went very well.  I was glad to get some time to run through my exercises since it seems like it has been forever (really only a week), and the last time I practiced I had to stop because I was almost sick.  912 more words

Ballroom Dance

Installing Samba Server ADC on Debian Jessie

I’m telling you, this is my second time to install Samba server on a Linux machine which totally hurts me. :).
Anyway, I’m going to share with you to make it easy. 442 more words


Sharing your Linux folders with Android over FTP [ Samba + ES Explorer ] [1/2]

As a kid, I remember setting up file sharing in my local WiFi with my windows machine, and yesterday, I thought of doing the same with my Linux machine and Android phone. 229 more words


samba server 외장하드 인식 방법

0. 연결되어있는 HDD 확인
sudo fdisk -l

1. 외장하드 마운트 전

2. 외장하드 마운트
sudo mount /dev/sda1 /home/pi/exthdd1

3. 외장하드 마운트 후

4. 설정파일 위치 8 more words


The Nuptial Krautwagen

I am a firm fan of weddings, having starred in one 43 years ago, and having drawn beer money from others ever since. I have been taking wedding photos since the 1970’s and by and large have enjoyed the sport – and I’ve seen a lot of wedding cars in that time. 418 more words


Great Summer Films

Are you searching for the perfect place to escape the summer heat and unwind?  Take a trip to the movie theaters and enjoy an evening of French cinema! 290 more words

French Films