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Sunday's cover - Rainy Sunday, mellow tune, eh? (yes, it rhymes.)

Inaugurating the new decor!! What do you guys think?
Tell me in the comments :3
Have a nice week!

(ps: this cover was a command, don’t be shy and ask for your very own, it’s free ;) )


Sunday's cover - Happy fathers day!

Apparently it’s fathers day around here in Quebec, and since I’ve lost any track of time between here and France, here’s a happy fathers day to mine, with my take on Jeanne Cherhal’s “La station”. 19 more words


Sunday's cover - 1000!!!

It is.
You are now officially more than 1000 to follow this blog.

So I played a little game. I went on my Facebook and I asked you gyus to play the Shabadabada game, in which I give you a word and each team must find as many songs with said word in the lyrics… I gave you mille/thousand, and you went crazy! 40 more words


Sunday's cover - Oopth

Forgot to post it yesterday, but here it is, the cover of the week!

Hope you have a nice one! :)


Sunday's cover - I'm back, behbeh!

Y’all thought I was dead, didn’t you? Well, SNEAK ATTACK!
A looot happened. Nothing alarming, really, I just fell in love. That plus the visit of my french friends, I was away a lot :) 41 more words


Sunday/Monday's Cover - Hibernation

I know, I know, how dare I, dropped you twice in a row.
But it’s not my fault! I swear!
Last week I was rehearsing in a cabin in da woods with my jazz choir (yes, it was awesome.) and yesterday, well… Let’s just say that these past few days I’ve been in hibernation mode, preferring my bed rather than anything else. 33 more words


Quick update - Soundcloud!

To celebrate the fact that you are now 800 over here, I’ve uploaded most covers on Soundcloud
So now if you want to listen to them and/or download them, now you can ;)
Bye! Love you all!