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The word 'Gospel' is not a magic charm

The word ‘Gospel’ is not a magic charm that need only be repeated constantly. Understand what this good news is and how it makes a difference for both eternity and today. 94 more words


Day 1 of 140, Personal Devotion Tweets...

“You hem me in, behind and before, and lay your hand upon me.” Truth 4 Mon, every week hedged in&by Love http://t.co/rbOyE0UG4I ‪#‎sievechurch‬

God has us behind and in front and His hand rests upon us. 40 more words

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So worried about others

Being so over preoccupied with the thoughts of others was and is debilitating for me, and for others.  It would paralyze me worrying about how others might think of what I want to do.  Not Good.


What You Need to Know About the Power of the Gospel

The preaching of the Gospel has a power that goes beyond human oratory.  It is not the power in the voice of the preacher.  We are told that when the message of the crucified and risen Jesus is communicated, the energy of God is present and it is capable of transferring those who are in the sphere of the flesh, outside of Christ, into the sphere of life and light, redemption and salvation. 322 more words

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My Friend Who Beat Cancer

On September 23, 2013 at 5:45pm, a great man, husband, father, grandfather, friend, and brother passed away after a long battle with cancer.  This blog post is my tribute to him and the profound impact he had on the many people who shared in his battle.  1,668 more words



empty days lumber along
wagons wobble and heave
hauling cargoes of hours
escaping their origins
dangerous dawns left
long since far behind
rutted routes tell that… 210 more words


My Worst Nightmare Come True

To the person who said always follow your dreams, I say,”Bah!! Humbug!!”

I have had a beard, and a nice one, too, for about 18 years. 1,610 more words