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The Word of God does not depend on the majority

Your salvation does not depend on the opinions of a majority and neither does the Word of God depend on acceptance by the majority.

Do not get bothered by people who call good as evil and evil as good.

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Achan and His Treasure

Jes fuelling the camp fire so long ago now

Joshua went to the Lord, He was on His face in misery because the people of Israel were in trouble and He knew that God was their only chance, ‘the one way, the only way. 1,210 more words

Hubert Writes

Holy Twilight Zone

Ever since my divorce and moving back to Tennessee, I feel like I’ve been living in a sort of grief/love/God haze—a holy twilight zone of sorts. 365 more words

Church Yard Evangelism

Church-yard evangelism is one of the most powerful growth vehicles for any church, if done right. The problem is, most could be a great deal more effective than they are; think about any of these activities you have been involved in over the years at any church you have visited. 308 more words

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The Everything Ball

The Everything Ball

This is a basic imagination, creativity and mime game. Before the exercise prepare by getting used to miming a ball that can be changed.  417 more words

Universal Unitarian

Radical Grace Versus Lordship Salvation

Radical Grace Versus Lordship Salvation

“That is the devil getting at us.  He always sends errors into the world in pairs – pairs of opposites.  And he always encourages us to spend a lot of time thinking which is the worse.  1,039 more words

Biblical Doctrines

Help me, LORD!

by Rosie Keenan

“Help me, LORD!”  I pray this now and often.  I hesitate to type this up, because I have so many ways I could proceed and so much past to pull from.  1,450 more words

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