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Salvation is a WALK with Jesus Not a TICKET to heaven

Salvation is a WALK with Jesus Christ. It is not a ticket to heaven that you get when you say a “Sinners prayer.” Most people want a ticket to heaven and then they want to join a church and then they want to be social with the other deceived believers. 497 more words

Why Catholic? - Part Two

Hey there, and welcome back!  Glad you didn’t jump ship after that last post.  I’ll continue the story today.   In the meantime, grab a glass of something and find a relaxing spot.  780 more words

Share The Good News!

My husband, Jim, gets credit for this post. Last week I returned from grocery shopping and asked him to guess the cost of an item. He rarely accompanies me to shop and has missed the ever rising prices except when I occasionally complain. 378 more words

God's Love

JESUS is the Answer

It is hard to stay positive with all the news that is swirling around us. Killing all over the world, wars, rumors of wars, crazy weather patterns, decisions from courts that are not biblical, good is called evil and evil is called good. 160 more words

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The world is crazy. People believe all kinds of fables and lies but Christians are often more stupid than the rest of the world. Let me explain to you. 730 more words

What social media is not telling you...

Scrolling down… wow beautiful clothing… scrolling down… oh she looks really confident and has a great taste of fashion… scrolling down… oh he is really successful… scrolling down… oh I wish I could be as creative as her… scrolling down… how does he do that to be always on travel… I wish I could be as adventurous as her… His life looks so more interesting than mine… why is my life so boring? 585 more words

Faith And Growth