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Baby Sweater in the Bath

I’m a proponent of full immersion blocking. In my mind, steam or a spritz just doesn’t give yarn the chance to “bloom” in the way that a good soak does. 172 more words

Saltwater Hill Knits

A Very Dapper Monkey

One of Rachel’s daughters has a much loved stuffed monkey whose fur (hair? coat?) has been worn away by years of snuggling.

Lest dear Monkey wear through completely, fearless knitter Rachel decided to create a new, soft covering for the beloved primate. 73 more words

Saltwater Hill Knits

The Mysterious Power of the K-word

I had the great pleasure of attending a party Saturday night to celebrate the 10th anniversary of a friend’s “kicking cancer’s ass” as the invitation from her husband and daughters said. 285 more words

Saltwater Hill Knits

The Thrill of a First Sock

There’s something very special about knitting a sock. It’s a simple piece of clothing that’s not particularly visible and endures a lot of wear and (eventually) tear. 146 more words

Saltwater Hill Knits

A Knitter's Christmas...Every Month

Like every knitter I know, buying yarn is one of my favorite activities. Actually shopping for yarn — looking, fondling, planning, dreaming of wondrous projects — is enjoyable in and of itself. 75 more words

Saltwater Hill Knits

A Different Kind of Lifeline

When we last were together, I was nearing the finish of Claire’s first sock. Although I love this anonymous yarn, I wasn’t thrilled with how it looked with the mini-cables of the… 201 more words

Saltwater Hill Knits