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Emotional Intelligence is more important than IQ

My takeaways from this article.

People with a high degree of emotional intelligence make more money—an average of $29,000 more per year than people with a low degree of emotional intelligence.  86 more words

Kauai engineer settles age discrimination lawsuit with county

An engineer who said he was discriminated against because of his age has settled with Kauai County.

But it wasn’t because he was too old. 190 more words


Recruiting? Publish Your Salary Range, Already!

Do you know what I abhor?  I absolutely detest applying for a job and not knowing what it is paying.  How am I supposed to know whether or not this application is even worth my time?   476 more words


North Allegheny and teachers’ union ratify contract

The school board approved the contract by a 9-0 vote Wednesday. The North Allegheny Federation of Teachers ratified it on Monday.

The five-year pact includes salary increases of approximately 2.5 percent annually, an increase in the amount members will pay for health insurance and adjustments to supplemental contracts for teachers who sponsor extracurricular activities or sponsor sports teams.

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North Allegheny School District

Menyambut Tanggal Gajian

Di kantor, Anda dihargai tinggi atau tidak? Bagaimana ya cara mengetahuinya? Gampang ya. Tinggal dilihat saja angka yang tertulis dalam slip gaji kita. Makin tinggi angkanya, makin dihargai kita disana. 543 more words

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I Don't Work For a Salary, You Shouldn't Too

Whew! Its been such a long while since I made a post. I’m apologize guys for leaving you in the cold for so long. How have you all been? 302 more words


The workplace isn't fair!

You live in the suburbs, they live in town. You drive a Honda, they drive a BMW. You have three  suits, they have a runway wardrobe. 323 more words