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Bean salad

Rakastan salaatteja ja suosin niitä etenkin lounaalla, jolloin ei tee mieli syödä mitään liian raskasta, että jaksaa vielä loppupäivän virkeänä. Itselle tärkeää on, että salaatista löytyy tasaisesti kaikkia ruoka-aineita: proteiinia, hiilareita ja hyvää rasvaa. 125 more words


Hidden Sugars In Your Diet

All over the grocery store you can find the new and improved “Healthy this” or “Low Fat That”! But sugars are hiding around every corner, and your favorite “Health” foods can surprise you with a lot of sugar. 508 more words


Cucumber Ponzu Salad (5 Stars)

Spice up your cucumber on a dull day with a little cajun spice and some ponzu dressing.


2 Cucumbers

Ponzu Sauce (Kikkoman)

Tony Chacere’s… 42 more words

5 Stars

Buffalo Cauliflower Salad

This salad was born out of super bowl leftovers. But there had been enough indulgence watching the game, and redemption was needed. Buffalo wings with bleu cheese, carrots and celery is amazing because it is a perfect spicy/creamy/crunchy combo. 410 more words


Bean Sprout Salad with Peanut dressing and pan fried Tofu

Whew! That seems like a long title for what is really a simple dish.

Over the past few weeks, I feel like I’ve been posting some pretty meat heavy dishes and have decided it’s time to lighten up the menu a little bit. 517 more words


Friendly Food - Thai Tofu Salad Wraps

I remember as if it was yesterday, having just moved back to Seattle I was looking for a new hair stylist. I was sitting in a chair nervously glancing around at the surrounding stylists with brightly colored hair and tattoos, the cape was already snapped around my neck making a run for it difficult. 399 more words

Life Changing

Day 10 of a Month of Running

Dinner last night was good and simple: a turkey cobb salad from Just Salad and monterey jack cheese and jalapeno stuffed pretzels from Lean Cuisine… 144 more words