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The Thank Yous 2015

The scholastic year is coming to an end and I am trying to spread as much positive feedback as I can to the people who have made a difference in our family. 596 more words

Finding My Word 

Words have always meant a great deal to me. I write down quotes daily. I repeat mantras to myself. I choose words to focus on to help keep perspective. 534 more words

Taking a lesson from my husband.

It was about 7:00 pm on a Thursday. Dishes were on the table, dishes were in the sink.

Kids were getting their showers done, finishing homework, reading. 400 more words


My Little Lefty

My daughter is quite interesting in the way she uses her hands.

When she eats, draws, brushes her teeth or throws a ball – she uses her left hand. 282 more words


From Peaches to Crawfish

I’ll never forget the summer I visited New Orleans with my parents. We went to look at colleges and I refused to get out of the car to actually look at any. 163 more words

First Post

Moving forward

There’s nothing like manual labor to help clear the mind. I’ve practiced mediation with various teachers all over the world, and was successful at quieting my mind only about half the time. 592 more words

Mama Musings

Careful casting that first stone...

I was reading up on other mom-blogs, like I do occasionally to see what everyone else is doing, look for trends, be inspired and so forth and I came across a troubling guest post from someone who has written a book basically saying how much she wished she had Bounce™ sheets for her towels when she was growing up.   718 more words