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the sagging front porch

buried in moss and dead leaves—

haunt of the raven


Video contradicts police claims about black man who died in jail cell after arrest for sagging pants

Recent video footage obtained of the last moments of Ervin Leon Edwards’ life seems to contradict police reports about what happened.

Edwards died on November 26, 2013 lying facedown in a West Baton Rouge Parish Jail cell after officers used force, including a taser, to restrain him, reports… 510 more words


Coping with mature skin.

Lines, wrinkles and sagging skin:

Appearance: Lines between eyebrows, eyes, forehead, neck, mouth and loose skin.

Possible causes: Lack of sleep, worry and stress, excessive facial expressions, pressing on the skin, aging process, genetic, hormonal imbalance, improper cleansing, hyperthyroidism, illness, smoking and alcohol and environmental damage (air-conditioning). 52 more words


Crack the Case: Man Drops Trou During Attempted ATM Theft

ARLINGTON, TX – Warning, the attached video contains a lot of boo-tay, but not in the way you’re probably thinking.

In Arlington, one person decided he needed a little extra cash. 124 more words


My Schoolgirl Fuck Buddies

I met Georgia, my favourite whilst I was sitting in a local park sagging in a pair of baggy jeans on a park bench.
She came over and was very forward in her actions. 183 more words

Baggy Jeans

My Style

It maybe a bit dated now, but I still like wearing really baggy jeans. Whilst some of my mates are wearing really tight jeans, sagging them below their boxers, I still like doing the same with baggys! 174 more words

Baggy Jeans

Insecure Style

Suburban kids copy the style of inner-city urban kids.  This could be because the inner-city is where cool was born: jazz, hip hop, rap.  Music with a beat, emotion, passion comes from the inner-city.  585 more words