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Since I'm still in a belt

Since I’m still in a Chastity belt once more only this time with Sir MIB holding the key to keep me out of trouble.


Per Diem (April 20)

The United States of Agnostics– This is a fascinating graphic, and accompanying short article, that visually depicts the distribution of “nones” in the US, which are those that are more agnostic and/or less “religious”, as opposed to either just “religious” or “atheistic”. 184 more words

Per Diem

Culture, Up Bringing, Police, And The Heart

Culture is just what it is you say, so no blame here

Dictating life, street life, who to rob, who to cap, not so sweet… 64 more words


Practical PDF

After a brief and mildly painful run in with the knife on my Leatherman MUT last night, I thought that it might be pertinent to do today’s Practical PDF on First Aid. 104 more words

Practical PDF

Through The Field

You know when the sun come up
They gonna send them dogs to get you
That’s what they was saying

Well I guess I won’t go hungry… 199 more words