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my dear friend
(i did not wish
for you to read this)
my dear soul
i wrote to you
a silent poem
erased by fear… 45 more words



Grief is different from sadness.

Grief is heavier.

It has more weight.

More substance.

Grief is that moment

when you know you should cry

but your body wants to laugh… 120 more words

What Have They Done

Identify statistically,
Said the officer
That performs arrests
What we have done
Was give awards to
The guy who does it all well


So I'm apparently supposed to write when I feel this way...

I feel great for a few hours and then I drop back down so deep into depression that I’m afraid of myself at this point. All I want to do is sleep and listen to sad songs and eat. 54 more words

Aku (belum) Benar-Benar Pergi 

“Teruntuk kamu yang sudah sempat Allah pinjamkan untuk memberikan pelajaran padaku, hadirmu meninggalkan jejak yang begitu nyata, meninggalkan warna-warni kebaikan padaku, meninggalkan potret indah ketika cinta berbalas.” 614 more words


Infinite tributes in infinite combinations

The outpouring of love and heartfelt tributes to Leonard Nimoy have been wonderful to see. And the variety! Quotes, of course. Nearly everyone had some variation of “He lived long, and prospered” when the news first broke. 326 more words