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Pain Of Losing A Friend

This is my very first poem and it is written for my friend Sara who lost a dear friend. Her friend died suddenly only two weeks after her marriage. 121 more words

Asteway Gattew

Who Knows

Who knows what lies ahead.
Whi knows what they think.
Who knows what they feel.
Who knows what they’ll say.
Who knows when they will cry. 35 more words

Aspiring Writer

The Seashell

Imagine a seashell.

All its life it’s gone unnoticed.

People have stepped over it,

Kicked it aside,

Barely even noticed it’s there.

But then comes along that one soul… 139 more words


One of Those Days! #tears

You know one of those days where everything that can go wrong does? Yes that’s exactly the kind of day I’m having.

When I got home from work this morning, I told myself that I would have a good day because I thought that if I said it and believed it, that it would happen. 529 more words


When She Was Good

That is what she misses most.  Well, perhaps not most, but certainly it is missed.  That place where she was good.  That view from which she was smart, amazing, beautiful, strong, precious…enough.   103 more words

Happy Anniversary

“I’ll sign your papers and get them back to your lawyer so you won’t ever have to think about Kane or message Kane or deal with anything. 913 more words

Writers Block

Devout, Christianlike with thy pen. I
recover it in sorrow and again I cry out
for deliverance. It is easy to seek to
pour out into these pages the darkness… 140 more words