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Los Angeles 

So we’ve spent our last few days in LA!
We went to Hollywood Boulevard, saw the Chinese Theatre, the Hollywood sign and had our first taste of American food and portion sizes! 139 more words


Goodbye, Dr. Shepherd

For those of you who are crazy Grey’s Anatomy fans like me, you would know that the dreamiest doctor of Grey Sloan Memorial died in a horrific accident. 629 more words


16th April 2015

Wow! Almost a month since I wrote and still nothing has changed LOL! Still dull & boring, still I think about how shit Joe was to me & still I wish things could have turned out different. 147 more words

17th March 2015

Right that little fu@$&r is really starting to f@$% me off now! If you don’t know who I mean, well who else but Joe!

I can’t believe I am going to say this but I just wish he was out of my life for good! 132 more words

19th February 2015

Yeah there you go your ears are about to start bleeding again as I’m back after a 6 day hiatus! As per I just ain’t had anything to say really but as seen as I’m sat here alone & bored I thought I would say hey! 530 more words

I've Got The Author Blues

How do you know that you should be doing something or that you are good at it without skipping straight to your death bed?

Who knows. 247 more words

Writer's Blog

All alone in Manchester City

No one wanted my company, which was fine. It was a weekday after all. Everyone is working. Everyone has a set routine. Not me, the aimless wanderer, did I mention without a job too? 351 more words