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The screams fall harsh on soft lobed ears
guns erupt in shallow deaths
picnics torn and stolen bread
feats accomplished
piles rise high

they land soft… 21 more words



Jism Ki Dararon Sy RoOh Nazar Anay Lagi……!!

Bohat Ander Tak ToOr Gaya Mujhy Ishq Tera…..!!

MasOm MuhaBBat…

Love Poetry


How much bad luck do I have to bring on both of us,
before you get up and leave?
cause darling I’m your magpie,
you know if you’d left sooner, you would get your reprieve. 90 more words



Her body reflected the state of her heart,
yet there was not a single bruise on her
cherry blossom skin, but you could feel it, 56 more words


Dreamer of the future, lost in the past

(NOTE: this is a work of fiction. I try to write positive endings most of the time, but this poem has a sad one.)

Dreaming of another day, 148 more words


When the Sun Comes Glowing

Kind of a personal poem

When the Sun Comes Glowing

Distance is a terrorist
And time is a bully
And they both conspire
To wash away our moments together… 171 more words


On The Verge of Suicide

Frozen tears fall to the floor,
And sounding out are cried borne of the gore
I bled because of thoughts in the morn;

My prayers fade into thin air, 113 more words