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Left Behind

Your mother was a drunk,

I ran,

You couldn’t escape the voices,

I ran,

You wanted to end it

So I ran,

Into arms with new faces. 126 more words


Found Body

Found Body

An empty seat in the bus of my mind
I can’t let go of what I lack inside
Try to draw a smile, while really dying… 235 more words


Did you ask?

Did you see them when they fell, like

loose rocks floating through the river rapids?

Did they plead as you watched stretching arms and catching air? 94 more words


Late Night

There’s a couple scattered at the bar.
One couple, deep in their drinks, their eyes never meeting.
Together but worlds away.
A group of friends laughing. 65 more words


The Willow Door

there it was.
the door with the willow wood body
the dark grey finish on
a dead tree that stands as a gateway
in front of my family and I… 359 more words


Little Rant Read If You'd Like

I’m so tired of not feeling emotion
So tired of being the only on
So tired of one feeling the nagative
And the only time I can feel the positive… 236 more words

Sad Poetry


the only box I try to think outside of
is the one that waits below
six feet down in an open pit
every day saying “hello.” 151 more words