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Wow, being a teenage girl sucks sometimes

Get home, all I want to do is sleep
I wake up and I have the urge to weep
I don’t know why but really I do… 65 more words


The most horrible thing you will read today

I have noticed a trend
In the women I date
Or marry

They are alcoholics
or drug addicts
or just



I am
(or have been) 340 more words

Free Verse

I broke another one last night

A Heart, that is
She was a server at my favorite bar
We were happyish for a brief period of time, together
Both relatively severe alcoholics… 528 more words

Free Verse


What is it with redheads lately?
They come at me like a freight train
hauling bricks
and grand pianos
careening down the track
at impossible speeds… 40 more words

Free Verse

I burn them bitches

with me
when it’s over
it’s fucking over

I burn very few bridges
I have so many bridges that
NEED burning
But I do not burn them… 87 more words

Free Verse

Just Fight

He took what you had
Debased your bed
And left you there.
Just fight.

Thought she cared
Now beyond despair
While she walked away.
Just fight. 110 more words

Isaiah Stratton

Zara Sa Jhoot Hi Keh Do K Mery Bin Adhoory Ho

Zara Sa Jhoot Hi Keh Do K Mery Bin Adhoory Ho..++
Tumhara Kya Bigarrta Hai Tum Phir Sy Mukar Jana

Zara Sa Jhoot Hi Keh Do K Mery Bin Adhoory Ho