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In Corner of Eyes

In corner of eyes it floats
Broken trace of lost love
Brought by memory boats
In corner of eyes it floats
Romantic pages now sad notes… 18 more words



Sturdy hands on either shoulder,
She said she’d be here until you were older,
Where are the bones? Her hair, an eye or a tooth? 48 more words


Cherish every moment you have, even if knowing tomorrow will end it

On a day like this

I heard the softest calm voice ringing in my ear,

A violin can’t play that tune,

Softer than a flute, 291 more words



Entangled in the sheets,

A girl her own counsel keeps.

He, in thought deep.

Soon, both may sleep.

this is how you will let me in

this is how you will let me in.

you will show me all your scars, those that still hurt you the most.

i will dive to find what you buried deep and accept… 97 more words

Poems By Jersonija

Loves Petals

Opened up my memory box
Half empty filled with air
I know that I could fill it up,
If you were only here

I rummaged through all my dreams, 139 more words



My hope just dwindles in the wind
will you be here, will you breathe me in
hold my shivering arms and sing
do not fear i will be here when you leave… 59 more words