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Barbed Wire

A throat full of barbed wire,
Armour made of love letters,
Every word,
Is a promise I break.

We began somewhere else,
In glasses of screwdriver, 25 more words


My Poem: Liar

I am a liar.
If I told you that I don’t love you anymore, I lied.
If I said I won’t care any longer, I lied. 76 more words

Crumbling Wall

You scheming mind of an Einstein, my heart was in complete recluse. You tampered my defenses once, twice. Your flagrant ways, trampling my fragile being, stomp, stomp until I am beating no more. 181 more words


Take Me Home

Take me home O’ take me now,
Where the wind blows over the Lee,
Calm it is when the sun shines bright,
Hear me pray, hear me cry, I sing to thee. 117 more words

Creative Writing

Poetry this month is hexed


I am hunting for words,
in the marginalia and in
the frail silences that 
crumble at touch.
My mouth is filled with the
warm metallic taste of loss, 98 more words


I weep

It’s heavy,

Ten tens rested

On my solar plexus,

Oppressive as it compacts,

The space where I breathe vitality in,

Over there in their rose colored world… 198 more words

Poetry: 'Side effects'

I’m at the playground with my son. He’s enjoying and playing with his  friends & I’m sitting on a bench becoming one with the sun. I feel good today, thank goodness. 104 more words

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