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The Breakup Letter

I know that this letter will never reach you. This will be a mere soliloquy. But I wanted to write this piece in the air and hope that it evaporates somehow. 309 more words



Her body reflected the state of her heart,
yet there was not a single bruise on her
cherry blossom skin, but you could feel it, 56 more words


The Gravestone

Have you ever got that feeling that your life is a mess and you want to die just because you want to die! Eh? But you have never realized about the past, about the person they are not anymore with you now I mean they are gone! 422 more words



Time, A jealous man.
Comes and goes and leaves you under the waves of empty space,
Allows you to remain still, with a feeling of love caught in your throat. 54 more words

War Victims

You hide in your room
Because despite the door
Being nothing but varnished wood,
It is the only thing that stands between you
And what’s on the other side of it. 37 more words



To the boy I knew and the man I don’t know,
I wonder how you felt when we were walking opposite ways down that street, 71 more words


Golden Boy

It is in this,
The night where you are not,
Because a burnished sun always hangs,
Above your head.

Yet you let the blood lie, 31 more words