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Unexpected Sacrifices

I knew upon graduating college that I would be expected to give up certain things once in the food service industry. Every chef you’ll ever meet will give you a realistic vision of what you’ll give up: weekends, holidays, sleep, short work days, high salaries, paid time off, a dating life with an understanding partner, lack of time with families, the list goes on. 606 more words


Brain dump

I have been having writer’s block lately. I have so many unfinished blog entries in my notes. Ugh. It totally sucks.

Well, I thought that I’ll just write whatever comes to mind. 364 more words


Life is not always perfect. Sadness, frustration, hatred, expectations, loneliness – it’s always there. That is why sometimes, we don’t know how to appreciate our lives. 517 more words


It’s been five days without you

Don’t know how I managed to get through

For years I’ve been used to

Starting every single day with you…

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The Warrior hears someone say: “I need to understand everything before I can make a decision. I want to have the freedom to change my mind.”

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A ballad to Mother

Hero(ine), Ballad, Epistrophe

She wakes up early morning,
not for herself but her family.
Positive attitude she maintains,
She hardly gets angry.
Selflessly sacrifices her pleasures, 74 more words


Losing Me, to Become a Part of Us

This, is what I had to give up, and, at the very start, I didn’t think too much into it, because I was, very much in love with you.   220 more words

Cost Of Living