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8 Makruh Parts of a Halal Animal

In this Friday bayan(at 25:00), Mufti Sahib (حفظه الله) mentions 8 things that are makruh to consume in a halal animal and practically haram according to the Hanafi scholars. 38 more words


Some Masail Related to Qurbani

In this bayan, some masail related to Qurbani are mentioned:

  1. Nisab for qurbani is possession of 612g or 52.5 tola(unit of measure) of silver or 87g of gold or wealth equivalent to this.
  2. 63 more words

Aqeedah of Partners in Qurbani of Large Animal

In this Friday bayan(at 19:00), Mufti Sahib (حفظه الله) mentions that the aqeedah of all partners in qurbani of a large animal must be sound, otherwise qurbani of all partners will be invalid e.g. 48 more words


Why Jesus Had to Come

By Pastor Rick Williams

Sterling Baptist Church, Brunswick, GA

Text:  Galatians 4:1-7

Introduction:  The HOLINESS OF A LOVING GOD WHO Hates sin ­ is why JESUS had to come. 1,436 more words


What Are the Odds -- Poetry

Promptly Written — write an “against all odds” poem

What Are the Odds

~for JWK~

For years 
I chased your ghost
through graveyards
of brittle bones… 188 more words


Defeating the Lion

Sunday, March 23, 2003  4:00 a.m.

Dear Dairy,

Satan is a roaring lion and he is always out to get us.  We are powerless against him in our own strength.  173 more words

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