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Sustenance for Life 🍞

Thank you for walking along the shore,

Stand in front of your refrigerator.

Go on. Place two feet firmly in front of the all white, or stainless steel mecca. 232 more words

Day To Day

The Sacrifice of Letting Go

A couple days ago, I rescued a baby rabbit from the harmful attacks of my cat, Milky. Luckily, he didn’t appear to be too injured, so I wrapped it up in a nearby hand towel while my brother made a makeshift cage for it (a large laundry basket with towels in the bottom). 332 more words



Many prominent speakers, authors, pastors, etc. in the Christian community have rightly denounced nominal “Christianity” as simply a culturally acceptable, religious philosophy rather than true Christianity – the way of Jesus. 441 more words

Moral Heroism Pt 1: Empathy's Faults & Heroism to the Rescue

I’ve written before about the importance of teaching people to see things through the eyes of other people. One commentator pointed out that a quicker way to say “seeing things through the eyes of other people” is “empathy”. 1,150 more words

Ethics & Philosophy

Seeking Clarity

How important is it to you to be a Mother?  What are you willing to sacrifice or give up in order for a chance to become a Mother?  642 more words


Lover of Fashion

How obediently you turned to me when I called your name gently but firmly. Your steps did not falter as your course they did alter, on cue, so that I again could be face to face with you… 95 more words