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The problem with the slaughter of sacred cows
is that the death of one generally leads to the birth of another…


Shame on India for being the world's largest exporter of beef - Seema Burman

“The milk we produce today is the cheapest in the world. With enhanced production we could become the world’s largest exporter of milk and it could be India’s biggest foreign exchange earner.  1,125 more words


Everything with Cheese

I was pleased to be present a couple of days ago when one of our students, who shall remain nameless – let’s just call him the Major – had a little rant at Italian food. 316 more words

Language Learning

Homer, Odyssey 11.100-117: Teiresias implies that the Arrival of the Suitors is Odysseus' Fault

“You seek a thought-softening homecoming, Odysseus: but the god has made it hard for you, since I do not think that the earth-shaker will forget anger he set in his heart, enraged as he is because you blinded his dear son. 266 more words


The World Outside

Recently, I had someone reach out to me because they needed something. When it comes to my friends, I am more than happy to help someone in need. 484 more words


Sacred Cows--Song of Solomon

When was the last time you heard an expository sermon from the Song of Solomon? Have you ever heard an expository sermon from the Song of Solomon? 835 more words

Sacred Cows

Mocking Charlie Hebdo

Would it be appropriate for someone to satirize Charlie Hebdo magazine after the killings of their cartoonists at the hands of Islamic fanatics? Let’s suppose someone published a cartoon of a Charlie Hebdo cartoonist weeping with the caption “Cartoonist Overwhelmed by Multiculturalism.” Could the remaining staff at Charlie Hebdo take the joke? 681 more words