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Cullen Bunn and Greg Land relaunch Uncanny X-Men as part of #MarvelOctober!

The latest #MarvelOctober announcement is a new creative team for its flagship mutant title, with Cullen Bunn and Greg Land being unveiled as writer and artist on Uncanny X-Men. 142 more words

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Old Man Logan 2 review

In Old Man Logan 1, the hero formerly known as Wolverine fought a bunch of thugs before discovering an old Ultron model head in the wastelands. 516 more words

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X-Men Origins: Wolverine - "Excessive CGI and flat characterisation makes the origin of Wolverine the dullest affair yet..."

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X-Men Origins: Wolverine (Dir. Gavin Hood/2009)


We know this story. Indeed, considering X2 resolved Wolverine’s history (throwing his dog-tags away), you’d think another re-tread is unnecessary. 146 more words

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Sabretooth, The Hunt, Part 1: Three Our Fathers is Posted

Sabretooth, The Hunt, Part 1: Three Our Fathers is now posted and is complete. It will have sequels in the future.


Adams' Reserve #2

I was lying when I said I’d stick to writing about singles from my collection. It’s hard to resist a good mini-series, especially when it’s about a particularly nasty villain. 829 more words