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HHM Law Offices

A little bit of movie magic is used to create the law offices of HHM. Saul’s ‘You Will Atone!’ line is delivered in a meeting room located at 5131 Masthead Street Northeast, Albuquerque, NM 87109 (thanks again to r/adrock83 for sleuthing around to find this). 38 more words

Better Call Saul Filming Locations

Courthouse from Better Call Saul

Here is a place we all want to visit. As tourists, that is.

This building used to be used as a courthouse but now has the sexy name of Bernalillo County Annex. 11 more words

Better Call Saul Filming Locations

Chuck McGill's House

Props to Reddit user r/adrock83 for finding this one. It’s hard to notice in the show, but this is a very large house. Make sure that you ground yourself before entering. 21 more words

Better Call Saul Filming Locations

Visit Los Altos Skate Park

It’s not just a good skate park, it’s a beautiful one as well. There’s no doubt why they chose to film here. This is where we learned the story of ‘Slippin’ Jimmy.’

Photo courtesy of cabq.gov

Better Call Saul Filming Locations

Tuco's Abuelita's House

Don’t knock on the door here unless you want to meet some bad people. I’m just kidding. I’m sure nice people live here. But still, don’t knock. That’s rude.

Better Call Saul Filming Locations

Lars and Cal try to scam Jimmy

I loved this scene. I actually jumped when the skateboarder smashed into Jimmy’s windshield. One of the unique aspects of Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul can be appreciated in this scene, as the house’s actual address is easily viewable.

Season One

Kettleman House

Seen in the first episode, this is where the Kettleman’s live. Saul takes Lars and Cal here so that they can begin their scheme. Be nice to the homeowners who live at 1520 Tejana Mesa Pl NE, Albuquerque, NM 87112.

Better Call Saul Filming Locations