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The Cock Doth Crow by S.H. Roddey

Oh me oh my, kidlets, have I got a treat for you today! My cohort, co-author, best bud, and enabler SH Roddey is here to rock your ever-loving minds with a gruesome, disturbing little short. 1,505 more words


Big Bad II - Available Now!

Here at last for your reading pleasure… Big Bad II, now with bigger, badder villains! Gorgeous cover, beautifully disturbing stories, and a nice, healthy dose of WTF. 835 more words

S.H. Roddey

A Lass’s Guide to Dating in the Modern Realm

Guys…this… I can’t even.

It’s my birthday, and I’ve been saving this for a very special occasion. It was originally meant for different blog, but I have to do it here. 1,095 more words

S.H. Roddey

Guest Post: Eric Dean

Guest Time! Say hello once again to Eric Dean. He was part of the weekend’s madness, and he was so wonderful in working with me on my… 627 more words

S.H. Roddey

Learning to Be Still

It’s late, I know. I’m usually in bed by now, but tonight seems to be one of those nights where sleep eludes me, even when I need it most. 752 more words

S.H. Roddey

A Bloody Valentine: Julianne Snow

Ever heard that phrase “save the best for last”? I have, and I plan to. I’ve read a bit of this lady’s stuff, and she’s pretty freakin’ good. 372 more words

S.H. Roddey

A Bloody Valentine: D.J. Tyrer

Here’s an evening treat for you all! D.J. Tyrer, also of State of Horror fame, has given us a bit o’ flash fiction to enjoy! 236 more words

S.H. Roddey