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Milsim West Road To Rostov Trailer: Davai! - Jet Desert Fox on YouTube!

THIS ONE will be the series you have waited for from THE DESERT FOX!  This was the Follow on event from Jet’s excellent MSW game footage, at Hill 559 in California…as the Rushing Russians and crew are back in the fight! 87 more words


Japan Part 3: Sapporo

The third week of vacation, my cousin Sarah and I set off for Hokkaido (the northern island) on a ferry.  Her parents live in Sapporo, where her dad teaches at a university and her mom works as an artist and translator.  331 more words


Still settling in ... but ...

… the wargaming world keeps turning.

25 April 2015 – ANZAC Day – 100 Years

ANZAC (Australian and New Zealand Army Corps) Day is New Zealand’s  – and Australia’s! 1,212 more words

5. Napoleonics

More You Tube Adventures

I rode out to Salkyn Tur, a national park about 15 km east of Naryn with Michael, another American living here in Naryn, on Sunday. There, we met up with Maria, a young lawyer from Finland who is spending a year traveling the world. 75 more words


In Spite Of Our Differences

My children’s beliefs vary from mine. Of course! They are different beings. Separate, individual beings. And they are adults. Technically.

I’m a little bothered by the spiritual paths my adult children walk these days.  515 more words


With Friends Like These...

There’s a good chance you’re not watching The Americans, which is crazy because you totally should be. What are you watching instead? One of those NCIS shows? 1,626 more words



In Russians, journalist Greg Feifer reports his interviews with Russians as he criss-crossed Russia from Moscow to Kamchatka and from the Artic to the Caucasus. He talked with a lot of people – including billionaires, impoverished villagers, artists , academics, activists, politicians and bureaucrats, factory workers, a couple of military officers, even his own family. 151 more words

Book Review