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The Russians will never give up Eastern Ukraine

Marc Faber : I don’t think it’s about Greece economically. it’s about the ECB and European banks that have lent money to Greece and if Greece defaults would have to take a huge loss and write-off…. 15 more words

Kerry's Visit to Russia

I keep dumping on John Kerry for making a visit to Russia and allowing Putinoid propaganda to present the event as evidence that pathetic Americans are horribly suffering because of the sanctions and have now arrived to beg the mighty Russians for mercy. 120 more words


Making Tracks.

Finally I completed my first Soviet piece of armour on tracks. This is the SU-76 from Warlord games, and when I originally got it there was a miscast piece (the back panel with the spare wheel on). 227 more words


Across to the dark side

This post says thank you to Jo whose account of her guided walk in London persuaded me out of my isolationist approach to being a tourist. 883 more words


Stalinist Nostalgia & Putinist Pride

С День Победы!

It’s Victory Day in Russia, which means orange and black ribbons are everywhere and there is a rather impressive military parade in Red Square. 753 more words

Den Pobedy

9th of May

I may be young and stupid but I know what this day means.

Today is a celebration.