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Gary Michelson tries to silence freedom of speech -

Gary Michelson, G Karlin Michelson, his partners, wife Alya Michelson are public figures so are his companies and foundations. The items in this blog are of public interest and concern. 727 more words

Erasing Borders

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“The girl with peaches,” by Valentin Alexandrovich Serov


Novosibirsk Art Museum and the Aleksandr Nevskij Cathedral

This afternoon we visited the Novosibirsk Art Museum located on Krasnij Prospekt, the Main Avenue running through the right side of the city until the main bridge, Kommunalnij Most, stretching over the Ob to the left bank. 299 more words


Ohm ohm.. Ladies and Gentlemen !

Hi friend !

This is my first blog and also my first post..I’m a little excited..I have a really funny hobby.And i want to share what i know with my followers.And thats you ! 93 more words

“National Guard” Irregulars and Nationalists Clash in Kiev

Junta irregular “National Guard” thugs… as they lack all training and discipline, the only useful tasks that they can carry out are the most basic internal security duties… these arrogant bully-boys aren’t really soldiers or cops… they’re just “muscle” in uniform. 252 more words


#2 Language Journal (Hungarian, German)

Last month I started writing mini-journal and I began with Hungarian only. The idea is really simple, because every time I put a summary (so each month or so) where I compare my improvement. 531 more words


Junta Mobilisation in the Shitter… No One Wants to Die in Novorossiya… Not Even Galician Uniates!


At beginning of the year, the Kiev junta announced an ambitious plan to mobilise nearly 104,000 men aged 20-60 to continue the junta’s so-called “anti-terrorist campaign” in Novorossiya. 1,963 more words