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We're All Still Queer As Folk - With Some New, Tasty Fruits

The year I spent studying abroad in the UK was a series of firsts. First time on my own, away from the house I’d lived in for 23 years. 1,226 more words

Detail Catalog Eight: This Drop

It’s been ages since I watched “Stolen Earth/Journey’s End,” so this post is not quite as specific as it should be. However, I saw a picture of this lady and I couldn’t resist. 418 more words

Doctor Who

Detail Catalog Seven: This Word

This one’s a little late, because I was really tired today (I just reblogged someone else’s thoughts on my favorite Doctor Who arc—yeah, too tired for original ranting), but I was bound and determined to post about some detail from Doctor Who, more important stuff to do be damned. 747 more words

Doctor Who

Introducing... The S-Word!

I’ve been blogging. Faster than ever. Or, I was. Very recently. In fact, a few days ago, I posted an article announcing “Phase 3″ of this blog in-which I decreased the quantity of what I reviewed and instead expanded the formats I write in order to have more range as well as having less frequency. 502 more words

Russell T. Davies

Doctor Who and the Joy of Writing

Bear with me, guys, this is gonna be a post about writing. I promised myself I would never go too in-depth with anything too writer-ish in this blog, because I’ll scare all of you away, but I have some quick “writer love” I want to give, and I’m sorry. 776 more words


Audio Drama Review: Doctor Who - The Well-Mannered War / Damaged Goods


“There is still the possibility of you winning the election. We recommend a vigorous program of disinformation, scandal mongering and general besmirching of the opposition. We predict a landslide victory, with you gaining over 80% of the vote.” 974 more words

Third Eye Cinema Podcast

Christopher Eccleston reveals more about his departure from Doctor Who

The exact circumstances behind Christopher Eccleston’s departure from Doctor Who​ after just one series remain unknown. From various interviews he’s given over the last decade it seems clear that there was a clash between himself and members of the production team over the working ethos of the programme that left him uncomfortable and not prepared to carry on. 357 more words