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Rush Limbaugh Admits Defeat On Facebook - 'Talk' Of Being Dropped In Chicago Circulates

Do you believe Rush Limbaugh? Is he really acknowledging that the younger generation is not on-board with his views of the world? -LW

Reports are flying that the large Chicago Cumulus radio station  568 more words


Everything I learned about what not to say (and do) I learned from Ebola

(My first Ebola news conference viewing-my husband felt it was worthy of a picture.  You’ll see why….)

Most parents realize fairly early in their children’s lives that what they say and do is often emulated by their mini-selves. 1,788 more words


YouTube Video: Netanyahu speaks for Israel, America, Western Civilization

 Netanyahu speaks for Israel, America, Western Civilization

Survival of Western Civilization is at Stake

But I’m telling you, folks, this was leadership, this was fearlessness.  Nothing focuses the mind and heart like moral, ethical, and legal clarity. 

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Judeo-Christian Culture

The Dilemma of American Politics

Democrats and liberals believe that people are basically good, but that we still need big government to make sure that people behave properly. Republicans and conservatives, on the other hand, think that people are basically bad but believe that if we have little or no government things will work out just fine. 321 more words

Bibi Rocks Washington

“This was leadership in full force. Benjamin Netanyahu was everything Barack Obama is not. Everything,” said Rush Limbaugh. The conservative icon was effusive, calling the speech a “stunning” example of “moral, ethical, and legal clarity.” 81 more words

Government Control vs. Internet Services, American Liberty

Net Neutrality Is Obamacare All Over Again


Therefore my people are gone into acaptivity, because they have no bknowledge. ~ Isaiah 5:13…

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